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We offer authentic Ayurvedic products and personalized wellness solutions to help you achieve optimal health and balance. Discover our services today!

We, Ayumantra Pharmacy Private Limited, were started in 2015 as a product manufacturer and supplier. Our motive was to provide benefits of traditional sciences like Ayurveda to the masses. It all started with Mr. Suresh Kumar, Owner of our company, investing his knowledge of Ayurvedic medicines to good use. He hired experienced professionals with knowledge and interest in natural ingredients and product formulations. With a team of qualified people, he then focused on building a national business around Ayurvedic medicines. Thus, our company was formed that today, deals in Ayumantra Heart Beat Capsule, Ayumantra Kumaryasavam, Ayumantra Orthovin Forte Capsules, Shrooti Himpure Syrup, Thrayodasanga Guggulu and others. Headquartered in Kaithal, Haryana, India, our company has been serving many customers since inception.

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Buy Ayumantra Heart Beat Capsule, Liv Guru Syrup, Thrayodasanga Guggulu and other Ayurvedic medicines from our one stop shop.

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100 % Organic

Our Ayurvedic products have been created with the finest organic ingredients.

Chemical Less

Chemical-free, Ayurveda focuses on the whole body, making it a holistic healing system.

Tested Product

Our Ayurveda products are scientifically tested and manufactured under strict quality control.

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